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16th Pyongyang International Film Festival: 19th September - 28th September, 2018

Location: Pyongyang, DPR Korea

Koryo Tours - Official international co-ordinator of the Pyongyang International Film Festival since 2002

  • International Film Festival

    Since 2002 this biennial festival has been run as a true international festival welcoming films from around the world, whereas previously the event was reserved for ‘non-aligned and other developing countries’.

  • Independence, Peace and Friendship

    The 15th Pyongyang International Film Festival was held in Pyongyang, DPRK, from September 16th to 23rd, 2016 to contribute to breaking a new ground of film art by promoting exchange and cooperation between world film makers with the ideal of “Independence, Peace and Friendship”.

  • Koryo Tours

    Koryo Tours has worked closely with the festival organisers to expand and improve the range of films shown at the festival and thus seen by large numbers of the DPRK population.

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Previous Years: 2014


Mikhail Kosyrev (Russia)
Changiz Hasani (Iran)
Yin Li (China)
Francois Margolin (France)
Ri Yang Il (DPRK)

Special Screening

Adlon Hotel (Germany)
Kremlin Outdoor: Museum (Russia)
The Rocket (Australia)
Che Guevara (Spain)
Bases of Cultural and Emotional Life Built on the Taedong River (DPRK)
The Other Side of the Mountain (DPRK)
My Father’s Bike (Poland)


My Beautiful Country (Germany)
Home for the Weekend (Germany)
Vasilisa (Russia)
The Moon Lotus (Burma)
Robin Hood & I (Switzerland)
Fast Girls (UK)
Good Fellows (Iran)
Cinema Dream (Iran)
Song of Napule (Italy)
A Godfather in the Living Room (Italy)
Ram-Leela (India)
Singh Saab the Great (India)
The Ferry (China)
Bwakaw (Philippines)
Fourth Precinct (Portugal)

COMPETITION (Documentary, Short & Animation)

Forget-Me-Not (Documentary – Germany)
World Wide War (Documentary – Germany)
What Is Holocaust (Documentary – Russia)
Rainbow (Short Film – Russia)
Blue Intangible (Documentary – Mexico)
Gofer (Short Film – Mexico)
Victoria Pendleton Cycling’s Golden Girl (Documentary – UK)
Solar Revolution (Documentary – Australia)
I’m Tremendously Happy That I’m Going to Play Golf (Documentary – Egypt)
What is the Price? (Short Film – Spain)
The Flower in the Bottle (Short Film – Spain)
Awangnyo Finds the Seed of Fire (Animation – Korea)
A Flower and the Blue (Short Film – Kuwait)
Value (Short Film – Turkey)


The Final Payoff (Greece)
Big Hit (Greece)
Parents (Germany)
Spring in Return (Laos)
I Love You, Mother (Russia) Fighting (China)

Go to the Moon (Russia)
Existence (Russia)
The Horde (Russia)
Elephant (Russia)
Love in the USSR (Russia)
Lan Hui (China)

The Great Lion (Malaysia)
Kayan Beauties (Burma)
In the Naval of the Sky (Mexico)
Guards of Silence (Syria)
The Watcher (China)
Lovely Louise (Switzerland)

Snow White (Switzerland)
Mystery Road (Australia)
The Long Night (Iran)
My Tribe (Iran)
Fallen City (China)
A Simple Love Story (Iran)

Flames in the Wind (Iran)
Beyond the Fire (Iran)
A Cold Day (Iran)
During the Night (Italy)
The Youth is Crazy (India)
The Last Executioner (Thailand)
Arrest Me (France)

Siddarth (India)
Krrish (India)
Redemption Street (Serbia)
A Grand Family (Spain)
The Cousins (Egypt)
The Explosive Remover (Korea)
Soldier Jane (France)

INFORMATIVE SCREENING (Documentary, Short & Animation)

Kiss the Water (Documentary – Holland)
Giant Bear (Animation – Denmark)
Fire & Flame (Documentary – Germany)
The Story of a Festival (Documentary – Germany)
The Rose of Paracelsus (Short Film – Russia)
Tamer (Documentary – Mongolia)

Apocryphal (Short Film – Mexico)
Ronaldo (Documentary – Brazil)
Pele (Documentary – Brazil)
Sunflower Seed (Short Film – Belgian)
Encounter at the Summit Cross (Documentary – Switzerland)
Noi Della Valley (Documentary – Italy)

Holdings of Downtown (Documentary – Egypt)
My Father’s Truck (Short Film – Vietnam)
Creators of Miracle (Documentary – General Association of Korean Residents in Japan)
Chima and Jogori (Short Film – General Association of Korean Residents in Japan)
The Cross (Short Film – Canada)
Zapata in Istanbul (Documentary – Turkey)