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18th Pyongyang International Film Festival: October 2020

Location: Pyongyang, DPR Korea

Koryo Tours - Official international co-ordinator of the Pyongyang International Film Festival since 2002

  • International Film Festival

    Since 2002 this biennial festival has been run as a true international festival welcoming films from around the world, whereas previously the event was reserved for ‘non-aligned and other developing countries’.

  • Independence, Peace and Friendship

    The 17th Pyongyang International Film Festival was held in Pyongyang, DPRK, in September, 2019 to contribute to breaking a new ground of film art by promoting exchange and cooperation between world film makers with the ideal of “Independence, Peace and Friendship”.

  • Koryo Tours

    Koryo Tours has worked closely with the festival organisers to expand and improve the range of films shown at the festival and thus seen by large numbers of the DPRK population.

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Previous Years: 2018


Pyongyang Grand Prix: Chinese Feature Film The Woman Behind The Man
Best Screenplay: Iranian Feature Film A Special Day
Best Direction: Russian Feature Film Salyut 7
Best Shooting: Indian Feature Film Ishiti
Best Actor: Chinese Feature Film The Woman Behind The Man
Best Actress: Chinese Feature Film Those Women
Best Figurant: Russian Feature Film Salyut 7, acting of Waleri
Best Figurante: Chinese Feature Film Those Women, acting of girl Hye
Best Art: Russian Feature Film Salyut 7
Best Music: Russian Feature Film Salyut 7
Best Technique: Chinese Feature Film Wolf Warrior 2
Best Musical Effect: Chinese Feature Film Wolf Warrior 2
Best Documentary: Italian documentary Politics of Bees
Best Short Film: Philippines short film Last Order
Best Animation: Korean Animation On A Day of Camping


Russian Feature Film Salyut 7


Indian Feature Film Rustom
Chinese Feature Film Cai Sheng Fang
Russian Feature Film Anna Karena, Vronsky’s Story
Chinese Feature Film The Founding of The Army
Chinese Feature Film Wu Kong
Korean Documentary Children sing in happiness
Korean Animation Sonbi and 3 Sons